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The Link Between ED and Hair Loss

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It may surprise you to learn that erectile dysfunction (ED) and hair loss are closely linked in many cases. Shared causes and medication side effects often link them, but how? Read on to discover what ED and hair loss are, how they’re linked and treatment options like Litfulo, a once-daily prescription pill that helps treat severe alopecia areata in adults and adolescents who are 12 years and older.

Treatment Options for ED

Some treatments include:


In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be eased or cured by simply making changes to your lifestyle. A healthy diet is important, as is regular exercise and infrequent use of alcohol and drugs. Enjoying good sleep and mitigating stress is vital too in securing lasting erections.

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ED pills are another option to consider. The best-known pill to help men get and stay erect is Viagra, though plenty of other ED supplements and pills are available.


If your erectile dysfunction is linked to psychological factors such as anxiety or depression, consider speaking with a professional. They’ll be able to support you in reducing your stress levels, enabling you to reconnect with your body and sexuality.

What is ED?

ED or erectile dysfunction is a common issue that affects many men all around the world. In fact, it affects one-third of all men. It’s the name given to those who are unable to get an erection or keep one long enough to engage in sexual activity. It’s also used to describe those with uncomfortably curved erections.

Erectile dysfunction is regularly linked to a loss of libido and is usually a result of alcohol over-consumption, fatigue or stress. In other cases, ED is caused by psychological factors such as anxiety during sexual encounters. Depression, high blood pressure and diabetes can also be to blame for men failing to get and maintain an erection.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss or alopecia is a prevalent issue that causes balding. It’s often hereditary or the result of hormones, though in most cases it’s just a natural part of aging. Hair loss can happen anywhere on the body but is usually limited to the hair on your head.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction and hair loss are linked. Let’s discover why this is the case.

Causes That Link ED and Hair Loss

Erectile dysfunction and hair loss share many of the same causes.


Stress is becoming more common in an increasingly uncertain world. Around one in five U.S. Americans have reported increased tension in their bodies in recent years, alongside getting angry very quickly and unexpected mood swings.

Stress is a major contributor to both erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Concerning the former, stress disconnects us from our bodies as anxiety and depression seep into our lives. This causes performance during sex to be inhibited. With the latter, stress causes hair follicles to reach a resting phase early. This results in hair falling out.


What you’re eating could be causing both ED and hair loss. High-calorie diets are one of the leading causes of both issues, as are diets consisting of too much fat. Alcohol and smoking are also potential causes of ED and hair loss, so are best enjoyed in moderation or not at all.

Medication That Links ED and Hair Loss

Many people who experience male-pattern hair loss turn to hair supplements or medication. The medications on offer prevent testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone. This aids in the prevention of hair thinning, boosting hair hair growth among men.

The issue here is that lower levels of dihydrotestosterone can create or worsen issues surrounding erectile dysfunction.

Treatment Options for Hair Loss

Long-term hair loss isn’t a matter of fact and steps can be taken to reverse the effects of male-pattern baldness. Here are the most common treatment options.


If you’re suffering from hair loss as a result of disease, consider taking medication like Litfulo to prevent your hair from falling out and support hair growth.


While people can experience hair loss anywhere on the body, most people experience balding on their heads. Hair transplant surgery involves a medical professional moving hair from areas of strong growth to cover bald patches.


Laser treatment can happen in either a medical setting or at home. At-home options include laser combs and caps to treat hair loss, while laser therapy can prove effective too.

Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and hair loss are often linked. Being aware of this correlation can support you in getting back to enjoying a full head of hair and long-lasting erections.

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