A photo of several slices of grapefruit, one of the foods that can trigger atrial fibrillation.
Chronic Conditions

6 Foods That Can Trigger an Atrial Fibrillation Flare-Up

Not only can certain foods trigger a flare-up, they may increase your risk of developing atrial fibrillation. Here are what foods to avoid.

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Diet Triggers For Ibs

IBS can pose many difficulties when eating and using the bathroom. Here are seven IBS diet triggers that you may way to limit or avoid.
A bowl of yellow soybeans placed next to a glass of soy milk
Living Well

Feeling Confused About Soy? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you're looking for a meat alternative, soy may be your first choice. Yet, many naysayers believe soy is bad for you! But, is it?

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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Are you concerned about your drinking habits? Do you want to know how to stop drinking alcohol? These four tips may help you.
A person looking at their sweaty armpit.
General Health

5 Ways to Treat Excessive Sweating

What causes excessive sweating? While hyperhidrosis is the main cause, there are other health conditions that can trigger sweating too.

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How Does Invisalign Work

Invisalign has the same purpose as braces, but it comes in the form of a clear aligner. So, how does Invisalign work and what can you expect? Find out here.
A doctor holding a red hemophilia ribbon.
Treatments & Remedies

Hemophilia Treatment: Medication and Lifestyle Changes

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that affects the body's ability to clot blood. Hemophilia treatment often consists of medication and lifestyle changes.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment

Deep vein thrombosis is a medical condition that causes clots in the legs and pelvis. Here are some deep vein thrombosis treatment options to learn about.